Ayoze Perez Explains Ludo-Based Lockdown Routine as Footballers Get Creative

Leicester's ​Ayoze Perez has explained how he's been keeping himself busy during lockdown - and much more importantly, also revealed his favourite board game. 

Prior to football's suspension, the Foxes were enjoying a fine season thanks in part to the solid contribution of Perez. The 26-year-old had racked up 12 goal involvements in 31 appearances to help his side into third place in the Premier League table. 

Perez has detailed how he'd been keeping fit with Leicester's training ground closed, while also admitting that he was missing his teammates.

Ayoze Perez

"I’ve obviously been training at home trying to keep my fitness up as much as possible and just generally keeping busy," he said. "I’ve been doing lots of cardio and have been doing different type of workouts to keep myself in shape, but the feeling is that we all miss football and waking up every morning and going to training is special. Hopefully this is over for us all soon.

"We speak a lot and are always asking each other how our families are doing and if we’re keeping safe. We try to be as close as possible and hoping we’re all OK."

With a lot more free time on his hands, Perez has also had to find new ways to entertain himself during the day. So, what has he been up to? Learning to knit? Reading the classics? Alphabetising his spice rack? 


Watching watching TV and playing video games of course.

Ayoze Perez

"I’ve been on Netflix a lot! I’ve been watching every film and every series I can find, and I’ve also been playing PS4, too," the former ​Newcastle man told ​Betway's blog"I’ve got a little routine going every day which consists of training, playing some video games, spending time with family and then watching something on Netflix." 

Perez has at least broken his strict regime on a few occasions, if only to play a few board games with his family.

"I play different games, like Ludo, with my nephew and family, but I haven’t really discovered anything new apart from that."

Never mind Ayoze. There's still plenty of lockdown left...unfortunately. 

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Source : 90min