Another defeat, another shambles, Levein continues to lead us to League One.

Last updated : 15 January 2006 By Bmr
We now find ourselves in the relegation zone for the first time this season, on the pitch the team looks unmotivated and clueless, players out of position and a manager grasping at straws.

As City trooped off (and failed to acknowledge their supporters) to cries of 'You dont know what your doing' and 'Levein out' it was clear that this mess, and mess is what it is, needs sorting out ASAP before the damage is to great.

In Leveins post match interview he again uttered the same remarks, the same excuses we hear week in week out, speaking after the game Levein said :-

"I can understand their frustrations and that's part and parcel of the job,"

"But it's up to us to try and get back to winning ways next week against Cardiff.

"Maybe this was a reality check after last week. The players dream about playing in the Premiership, but in reality it's a lot different.

"It was the same players who played last week against Spurs, and there is obviously an element of inconsistency. But it's the drop-off rate that is alarming.

"It's about having the desire to win games in the Championship. We've got good players who probably don't see themselves as relegation candidates - and it's that mind-set that doesn't help us."

Part and parcel of the job it maybe but so is motivating the players, discussing tactics and getting results, something Levein is clearly not doing.