Leicester City's Greatest Away Kits – Ranked

We love away kits. Home strips are all well and good but there's only so much you can do, you know?

A kit manufacturer is bound to a specific colour scheme and the unfortunate reality that this is something your team is going to wearing most weeks - so it can't be too daring.

Meanwhile in away kit design, these shackles are removed with designers being given almost free creative rein to create something beautiful. This freedom has birthed some lovely offerings over the years, particularly at Leicester City.

Here are ten of the very best...

10. Fox Leisure (1998-2000)

We kick off with an offering from the short lived but brilliant Fox Leisure.

Set up to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to Leicester's leisure wear offerings, the company also turned its arm to manufacturing the club's kits during the late 1990s.

These were halcyon days for the Foxes, and a glimpse at that iconic Walkers Crisps logo immediately brings back memories of Martin O'Neill, trips to Wembley and Robbie Savage. Oh well, can't have everything go your way.

9. Back in the Big Time (2014/2015)

What better way to celebrate your return to the Premier League than by pulling out all the stops on a ridiculously over the top GOLD kit?

Hang on. There is a better way you say?

Oh, of course. Get David Nugent to model it and only get 57 likes on Twitter after the big reveal. Now that is just perfect.

8. All Black Everything (2017/2018)

The 2017/2018 campaign was a pretty understated affair for Leicester.

They kicked off the season with tracksuit enthusiast and Champions League quarter finalist Craig Shakespeare in charge, before he was replaced by the super exciting Claude Puel in October. The Frenchman then guided them to a mid-table finish.

The football may have been boring but at least the Leicester players looks suave. This all black number was one of the standout jerseys of that season and no, it does not look like a goalkeeper kit.

7. Is Red Okay? (1989/1990)

These red away kits always stir up controversy in the Foxes fanbase.

It's easy to see why, what with the Nottingham Forest connotations and all. This means that when a red shirt does come along, it better be good.

Take this tasty little ensemble for example. The centralised badge, the old school font on the sponsor, the subtle stripes. What's not to love? Only the most fervent of Nottinghamshire haters could reject this.

6. Yo-Yo Club Years (1994-1996)

Baggy sleeves? Collars that resembled some sort of Elizabethan ruff? A vibrant colour scheme? We must be in the 1990s.

Another favourite of the fans, this brave yellow kit coincided with the club's yo-yo period. It was worn by City for two seasons - one in the Premier League and one in the second tier.

Yellow kits are easy to get wrong and Leicester's decision to bin them off in recent years is understandable. When them come off though, they can be strikingly brilliant.

5. Pretty in Pink (2019/2020)

Now, this is a bit controversial. When this garish, salmon pink shirt was unveiled last year it attracted mixed reviews - and that's putting it nicely.

We bloody love it though. Twinning the outrageous jersey with black shorts and socks balances out the strip nicely, and that retro Germany-style pattern on the front...woof.

Saying that, it's a good thing Leicester had an impressive season. No one wants to get relegated in a kit as daring as this do they?

4. [Walkers] Crisp White (1996-1998)

With its plunging neckline and tasteful sleeves, this shirt is a rip roaring blast from the Premier League past.

Football at Filbert Street between 1996 and 1998 wasn't the easiest on the eye, but boy was it effective.

Each time their white away shirt was worn, you could guarantee they would come back caked in mud. A nightmare for the kit man but a real treat for anyone in attendance.

3. Giving Back to the Community (2009/2010)

Modern football is a cesspit. Whether it be morally repugnant states owning clubs or non-playing staff getting furloughed amid millions of pounds of profit, truly 'touch of class' acts are few and far between.

This is why it was so exciting when Leicester displayed local charity LOROS on the front of their away strip during the 2009/2010 campaign.

What a lovely kit it was too. The sash exudes class and sophistication and the understated colours added to this high society vibe.

2. The Fan Favourite (1983/1985)

These days, it's impossible to gaze around a Leicester away end without catching a glimpse of this green and yellow number being sported by one of the club's more fashion conscious fans.

Since being reissued a few years ago, these pinstripes have become hot property and finding an original is extraordinarily tough.

Its notoriety is unmatched by any other kit on this list and supporters have been longing for its return ever since it was discontinued in 1985.

1. Impossible (2015/2016)

The 2017/2018 black strip was nice, but it's nothing compared with its older brother - the granddaddy of all Leicester away kits.

Featuring a pleasing geometric print and ornate detailing on the sleeves, the bookies should have known that something special was on the cards as soon as it was launched.

While wearing the kit, Leicester secured some vitally important wins on their way to the title and even received a guard of honour from Chelsea on the final day of the season. Goosebump inducing stuff.

Source : 90min